Binocular vision

BINOCULAR VISION AND SPACE PERCEPTION Slide 1 Slide 2 Relative subjective visual direction Slide 3-5 Retinomotor values Slide 6-7 Common relative subjective visual direction Slide 8-11 Retinal correspondence Slide 12 Horopter Slide 13 Panum’s fusional space/ area Slide 14 Fixation disparity Slide 15-17 Diplopia Slide 18 Retinal rivalry Slide 19 Suppression Slide 20 Monocular vision … Read more

Worth four dot test

worth 4 dot test

Worth four dot test is a subjective procedure test to evaluate the presence of fusion, suppression, diplopia and abnormal retinal correspondence. The test can be performed for both distance and near Procedure: Ask the patient these questions Interpretation All below mentioned interpretation is for eyes when red glass is in front of the patient’s right … Read more