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Optometry Quiz

Welcome to the Optometry Quiz, where you can put your eye care knowledge to the test! Whether you’re a seasoned optometrist, a budding eye care professional, or just someone curious about the fascinating world of vision and eye health, this quiz is designed to challenge and educate you. Kamal ThakurLecturer (Nethradhama School of Optometry) Moptom … Read more

Optometry Spotters

Optometry picture quiz

Q1. Hint: Patient is wearing RGP contact lens from past 1 year and has complaint of burning sensation, itching and dry eyes.a. Identify the condition?b. How will you manage? Click below to show answer Show answer a) 3 and 9 o clock stainingb) Fit with Larger TD or Consider refitting with mini-scleral lens or Soft … Read more