Protect Your Eyesight this Holi: Tips for Safe and Colourful Celebrations

Holi is a celebration of colour, joy, getting together with family and friends, and food. Everyone in the nation is eager to celebrate Holi with their loved ones now that it is just around the horizon. Holi is a festival where people apply or throw colour at one other, yet most of us seldom ever consider the ingredients of the colours. These days, synthetic chemical colours are frequently employed because they are less expensive than organic ones. Certain colours are bad for our skin, and if they get in our eyes, it can cause eye problems and in few cases even vision loss due to allergies, infections, or other significant ocular ailments. So, while it is necessary to enjoy festivals, it is even more crucial to do so safely.

How to protect eyes during Holi

What are the possible causes for ocular hazards during Holi?

  • Cheap synthetic colour used during Holi have harmful agents like pieces of glass, mica and toxic chemical which can cause infection, corneal abrasion or chemical burn.
  • Water balloon used can lead to blunt injury on impact.

Tips to play Holi safely:

  • Use organic colour which are made up of flowers, leaves, vegetable, fruits or other herbs. These colours are safe and do not harm the eyes.
  • Use protective eye wear to avoid colour to go into the eyes and protect against water balloons.
  • If you are a contact lens wearer avoid using contact lens during celebration as small particle may get stuck beneath the lenses and can cause corneal abrasion. Also once the contact lens is stained by the colour it should to be discarded.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes because if small dust particles are trapped which is highly likely during Holi can cause damage to ocular surface instead use clean water to wash your eyes.
  • Tie your hair or use cap to prevent colour from hair to drip down into the eyes.
  • Keep your eyes tightly closed which cleaning colours off the face and hairs.
  • In case of accidental harmful chemical contact with the eye, wash the eye immediately with clean water or saline water if available and seek medical attention immediately.


Holi is a beautiful festival that brings people together. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to safeguard your vision and make sure that everyone is safe during the festivities. You may enjoy the festival of colours without stress if you adhere to these easy suggestions. Happy and safe Holi, everyone!

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